Description : Snakeskin possesses considerable mystique due to its unusual pattern of shade and texture. It is also a highly versatile fabric.
Fabrication : Snakes are often killed (or simple stunned) with a blow to the head, then the skin is slit and pulled from the body of the snake in one piece. If the snake is not dead, it is often then left to die slowly. This reprehensible practice is one of the reasons animal rights proponents are active in opposing the trade in snake skin for fashion, especially the use of wild snakes. As a result, many faux snake skin products are also on the market, and snakeskin prints are also common.
Subtypes : The most common snakeskin used in the fashion and upholstery industry is python.
Dyes, color treatment and washing characteristics :
Draping properties :
Cutting properties :
Sewing challenges :
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