Description : A durable, twill-weave fabric with a smooth surface, made from wool, worsted, or wool blends and a variety of serge is also made in silk.
Fabrication :
Subtypes :
Dyes, color treatment and washing characteristics : Drapes well but picks up a shine with wear and washing.
Draping properties :
Cutting properties :
Sewing challenges :
Example creations :
Uses worldwide : Wool serge is used in military uniforms, suits, trench and great coats. Silk serge is used as a lining.
Origins and history : The term "serge" is Old French and means "silken". Silk serge has been found from as early as the 8th century. Wool serge has been a popular fabric from about the 16th century onwards. Serge is related to denim, which originally meant "serge de Nîmes".
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