Description : A mid to heavy weight, densely woven fabric with a fine horizontal rib, a shiny surface, poplin is easy to iron and doesn't wrinkle easily.
Fabrication : Poplin is a fabric made from combining yarns from different fibres. Originally, poplin was made with a silk warp with a weft of worsted wool yarn. This combination gives the fabric the lustre characteristic of silk, but a ridged structure due to the wool. Today, poplin is made with a variety of fibres, including wool, cotton, silk, rayon, polyester and other synthetic fibres, but retains these characteristics.
Subtypes :
Dyes, color treatment and washing characteristics :
Draping properties :
Cutting properties :
Sewing challenges :
Example creations : Reversible vest, Duvet slippers, Pyjama, Marie skirt, White pants, Blue dress, Gray skirt, Coffee Date Dress,
Uses worldwide : Poplin is used to make pure cotton shirts, sportswear, children's clothes, outerwear and for high quality garments.
Origins and history : The term "poplin" comes from another fabric "papeline" made at Avignon, France in the 1400s. Avignon is called the "city of popes" because of the papal residence found there. Poplin is also sometimes called tabinet or tabbinet.
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