Polylactic Acid (PLA)

Description : PLA is a stretch fibre, made from the polylactic acid extracted from genetically altered corn. Ingeo is a cotton-like fabric made from PLA. Ingeo has many of the advantages of polyester (durability, strength, resiliency, etc.) with few of its disadvantages - unlike polyester, Ingeo breaths, drapes well, insulates, and wicks well (draws moisture away from the skin). However, Ingeo is still available only to high end designer houses and not yet to the amateur sewer.
Fabrication : PLA is extracted from the corn plant through simple fermentation and segmentation - hence the process used to produce it is relatively ecofriendly (aside from the initial genetic engineering of the corn).
Subtypes : Ingeo is the most common fabric made of PLA currently found on the market. Lactron, a synthetic rubber, is another fabric made using PLA fibre.
Dyes, color treatment and washing characteristics :
Draping properties :
Cutting properties :
Sewing challenges : Like for other synthetics, Ingeo should not be used with an overly hot iron.
Example creations :
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