Membership Status Information

General Member Status : Joining the wiki site results automatically in being assigned General membership (Registered User) in the wiki site, with the ability to post in the threads and participate in discussions. The General membership is sollicited on a regular basis for feedback concerning new initiatives and changes planned to the site. If a General member is abusive, their membership status can be revoked (they become a "banned member" of the site).

Writer Status : The Creator of the site (and Moderators) can invite or change the permissions of General Members to give them Writer Status. Writers, in addition to being able to participate in discussion, can also edit the wiki content. There are some checks and balances with regard to Writer status. If a Writer causes problems, Writer status can be revoked. Translators on the fabrics international wiki are necessarily Writers, as they need to be able to edit content.

Moderator Status : Moderators have privileges that allow them to change permissions of members and hence may act as managers of membership as well as the editing functions of the wiki.

Creator Status : The creator is the originator of the wiki site. Within wetpaint, the creator has ultimate authority over the content and membership of the site. The creator has the ability to revoke the status of any other member, including Moderators.

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