Index of garments (English)

Although clothes and garments have historical roots that often go back thousands of years, many common garment types are found throughout the world in different variations and with different names. It is of interest both to amateur sewers and professional fashion designers to gain an understanding of these different variations within the world today. In our constant search to renew designs in the present but to remain rooted in the traditions of the past, to reconcile change with memory, regardless of where on the planet we reside and what language we speak, knowledge of garment use in other cultures can be a source of tremendous richness.

Within this second part of the fabrics international wiki, therefore, we attempt to construct a world-wide compendium of garment types and how they manifest in different cultures. As with the presentation of fabrics and fabric prints, examples of garments made by sewers will be linked in to showcase these efforts. Also, we shall provide information about sewing problem areas in the garment construction process. By ensuring that the wiki is developed in different languages, the knowledge base should be able to develop through its cross-linguistic and cross-cultural linkages.

Classifying garments can be done in several ways : through layers, from inner to outer; through body areas they aim to cloth, cover, or, sometimes, reveal; through fabrics that are used; through purposes and events they are designed to serve, through ease of fabrication, and so on. As with the fabric and print sections of the wiki, we will provide several indexes based on these different systems so that clothes can be accessed in any of these ways. Some choices in categorization have to be made, but we will keep these to a minimum and provide multiple choices where this is possible.

In addition, for your convenience and interest, the fabrics international wiki is developing several "garment sets" - these are thematically or culturally linked sets of interrelated garments :

Finally, for a complete list of all garments in the wiki :

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