Godet skirt

Description : A skirt which incorporates triangular inserts (called "godets") between seams near the bottom hem, introducing a strong bell-like flare. Godets tend to influence and enhance the movement of the skirt.
Parts : Multiple skirt gores (panels), godet insets, waistband
Preferred fabrics : Obviously, a skirt with a godet will use more material than it would otherwise. For this reason, lightweight fabrics are often used to make godets, so that the skirt will not be weighed down. Cotton, silk and linen are popular choices, since these fabrics are also appropriate for rippling summery skirts. Heavier fabrics like tweed and woolens can use godets, of course, but the skirt will not flow as much.
Godet skirt (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)Construction : A godet is inserted in the bottom of a skirt, starting at least halfway down the skirt and sometimes further. This means that the top of the skirt hugs the hips, and the godets cause the skirt to flare out as it reaches the knees or calves. Typically, multiple godets are inserted into a skirt at set intervals. The distribution of the godets throughout the skirt gives the skirt a rippling effect. In other instances, a single large godet may be used in the back of the skirt to make it more comfortable to walk in. The godets can be made from the same material as the skirt, or they can be sewn in contrasting fabrics or colors for a distinctive look.
Sewing problem areas : The godets can be cut with the grain verticle or the grain parallel to one or the other side, yielding different motion effects.
Example creations : Grey godet skirt, Evening dress with godet, Contrasting godets, Ballroom gown with godets, Brown godet skirt,
Example patterns : Pleated skirt with godets (free),
Uses worldwide : A skirt with godets compliments many figure types. Plus size clothing manufacturers often use godets to streamline the figure and add a flirty flair to their clothes. On more slender women, the figure hugging upper portion of the skirt can flatter the body, while a godet adds a sense of fun. On very snug skirts, a godet in the back ensures that the wearer will still be able to walk, and it is more modest than a slit.
Origins and history : Godets have been used in dressmaking since the 19th century.
Alternate names :
Related or similar garments : Flared skirt, skirt.
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