FabricMaps is an initiative designed to provide the opportunity for the fabrics international readership to "look at the world through fabric-colored glasses" and for fabrics international members to contribute their own personal stories to the fabric maps. Each sewer and designer sees the world through in a very personalized way - here is an opportunity to share your own view of the world with others.

Using a "zeemaps" widget installed within the fabrics international wiki site, each fabrics international member has the opportunity to add their own "fabric locations" to the FabricMap, and to comment on these locations. The FabricMap shows all contributions, but the detailed comments will be found in each contributor's personal FabricMap page.

Here is the global map (it you don't see it, come back later - sometimes the site is slow to load the map and database) :

By selecting the listed item at the right, you can find the location of the item, along with its address and a detailed description. Note that the description includes comments made by an identified member of the fabrics international wiki community - by selecting the appropriate handle below, you will find more substantial comments made by that member. Use the standard Google zoom and pan controls on the left to navigate and zoom in within the map and switch between the standard map, satellite or terrain view, or the hybrid mixed view, using the buttons along the top.

Red pins on the map represent fabric stores and outlets. Blue pins are fashion boutiques. Yellow pins represent sites of personal interest (i.e. with a "fabric story" attached to them).

To facilitate understanding, I've placed my FabricMap first. Note that each individually commented FabricMap will change and grow over time.

FabricMaps :

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