Evening Gown

Evening Gown (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)Description : A long dress worn to a formal event, usually made out of a luxury fabric and traditionally floor length, although other silhouettes are also possible.
Subtypes : A subclass of the evening gown is the ball gown, which is strapless, full skirted and floorlength; evening gowns may have any silhouette, however - sheath, A-line, mermaid or trumpet...
Parts : skirt, bodice, straps (optional)
Preferred fabrics : Velvet, silk, chiffon, satin, sometimes taffeta or tulle.
Construction :
Sewing problem areas :
Example creations : Mermaid evening dress, Blue evening dress, Bias-cut silk dress, Satin dresses, Mirela dress, Elegance gown, Halter neck gown,
Example patterns : Francesca evening gown (including plus sizes), Vintage dress patterns, Vintage evening gowns,
Uses worldwide :
Origins and history :
Alternate names : Prom gown, Prom dress
Related or similar garments : Cocktail dress, Ball gown, Wedding dress, Wedding gown, Ball skirt
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