Silk Duppioni (Courtesy of gorgeousfabrics.com)Description : A plain weave silk made using slub fibres (unevenly spun fibres) that gives it a rough, handspun look. Duppioni silk both creases and frays badly and is difficult to ease.
Fabrication : Duppioni silk is produced when two silkworms spin a cocoon together, hence forming a double strand of silk.
Subtypes :
Dyes, color treatment and washing characteristics : Fabric can be machine washed in warm water on a gentle cycle and machine dried on its permanent press cycle - machine washing in this way results in a software, dulled sheen and a loss of iridescence if this was present in the original fabric. Dry cleaning is otherwise to be prefered.
Draping properties : Duppioni silk drapes well, but does hold somewhat it's own form as it can be mildly stiff.
Cutting properties : Can be cut double thickness. Like other silks, it is easily marred by pins, improper pressing and seam ripping. Mark lightly but be aware that erasable pens and chalk may stain the fabric permanently. Press with a warm but dry iron. Protect the right side with a pressing cloth.
Sewing challenges : Avoid static cling by using bemberg rayon lining. Also, this fabric is prone to wrinkling - underlining with organza or interfacing with fusible tricot can help reduce this. Fusing flattens the fabric slightly, however, and also eliminates the breathing qualities of the fabric. Use of a standard presser foot is fine. Seams can be serged or flat fell finished. Use a dry iron on the silk setting for pressing. Hems should be at least 2" (5 cm.) wide. For sleeves, reduce the ease in the cap or cut the sleeve on the bias.
Example creations : Duppioni trimmed skirt, pleated jacket, orange dress, wedding dress, pink gown, flowers, handbag, kimono,
Uses worldwide : Tailored pants, jackets, blouses, dresses, skirts and vests.
Origins and history : The spelling of the word seems to vary across all possible variations : dupioni, doupioni, doupion, dupion, doppione, etc.
Wikipedia reference : none

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