Classic denim in bamboo (Courtesy of : A densely woven, twill weave, originally cotton, but increasingly made of other natural fibres. Like other twills, one finds the familiar diagonal ribbing on the back side of the fabric. Denim is a very resistant soft fabric used frequently to make work clothes. Although originally blue, denim now comes in a full range of colors. Denim is often mixed with other fibres, especially spandex or Lycra to give it a bit of stretch.
Fabrication : In denim, the warp yarn is colored, traditionally blue, while the weft yarn is white.
Subtypes : Denim is available in a range of possible weights, from mid-weight to heavy.
Two-tone Reversible Denim (Courtesy of, color treatment and washing characteristics : Colors tend to bleed with denim, so wash different pieces separately and avoid detergents that incorporate brighteners. Machine wash in warm water and tumble dry at a regular temperature. You may need to wash and dry twice to remove all tendency to shrinkage. Iron while still damp to prevent crease lines from forming. To achieve a "faded" look, wash and bleach the fabric three to five times.
Draping properties : The density of denim means that it does not drape readily, nor does it hold shape well.
Cutting properties : Cut with doubled thickness of layers. Be careful to cut on grain, as even slight deviations can cause the fabric to twist. Cut facings from a slightly lighter fabric. Use chalk markers.
Sewing challenges : You can prevent skipped stitches by holding fabric taut while machine-sewing or serging through multiple layers. If you hammer multiple layers flat before sewing, you should avoid skipping stitches. Use fusible tricot of French fuse interfacings. Because of the thickness of denim, flatfelled seams cannot always be combined, especially in the crotch area. Here you will need to serge one seam allowance and trim the other, then turn the serged allowance across the other to make a pseudo flat felled seam. Topstitching is best done with a heavy-durty thread and a longer stitch length (3.5 mm for example). Topstitching with a double needle can lead to especially striking effects. Finish hems by rolling them twice and then hammering them flat before sewing.
Linen denim (Courtesy of creations : Denim corset, Purple suit, Jumper, Kasia skirt, Pants, A-line gown, Leggings, Red dress, Man's jeans, Chocolate jacket, Obi, Pencil skirt, Hat, Light Coat, Pillows, Bella pants, Shorts, Pleated skirt, Wallet, Alice-Olivia pants,
Uses worldwide : Denim is used in jeans, skirts, jackets, and shirts.
Origins and history : The term "denim" derives from the French term "sergé de Nîmes", or Nîmes twill. This was shortened by English usage to "de Nîmes" and, eventually, "denim".
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