Cocktail dress

Description : Cocktail dresses are for semi-formal occasions - they may be long or shorter, eclectic, but should have a flair or eye-catching interest to them. Typically, cocktail dresses fall to below the knee, and should be without a collar and sleeves. At their best, they are both smart and sexy!
Subtypes : A tea-length dress falls to just above the ankles, while a ballerina length dress falls to the ankles.
Parts :
Preferred fabrics :
Construction :
Sewing problem areas :
Example creations : Fuschia cocktail dress, Minna dress, Plaid cocktail dress, Recycled vintage cocktail dress, Strapless brocade cocktail dress, Jersey cocktail dress, Malissa cocktail dress, Polka dot cocktail dress, Black widow dress, Blue dress with ruffles, Cocktail kimono, Red Malissa dress,
Example patterns : Coffee date dress (free), Tunic cocktail dress (free), Cate dress, Designing a cocktail dress (how to), Vintage patterns,
Uses worldwide :
Origins and history : Cocktail dresses date to the prohibition era in the US, when drinking occured as private parties. Dress for women was less formal and more flamboyant or flirtatious than was the case for evening or ball gowns.
Alternate names : Cocktail gown, Afternoon dress,
Related or similar garments : Evening gown, Ball gown
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