Description : Silk charmeuse is a luxurious, supple fabric with a shiny satin right side and a dull back. Polyester charmeuse is also available, but it is hard to get pucker-free seams with this latter fabric.
Fabrication : Charmeuse silk is made with a satin weave.
Subtypes : Sometimes called crepe-backed satin.
Dyes, color treatment and washing characteristics : Dry clean the completed garment, especially for dark colors. For light colors, gentle hand-washing in warm water can also be done. Air dry. Press the fabric while still damp.
Draping properties : Silk charmeuse has medium weight and some natural elasticity - it has excellent drape.
Cutting properties : Fabric can be cut in a double thickness layout, however, a it should be laid across a layer of flanellette or tissue paper to prevent the fabric from sliding around.
Sewing challenges : Pull fabric taut while sewing on or across the grain - let it feed naturally only when sewing on the bias. Use silk organza for a crisp interfacing, silk chiffon if a soft interfacing is required. Iron should be set to the silk setting for pressing. Steam will cause water spots if fabric has not been pre-washed. The best hem is handrolled.
Example creations : evening cocktail dress, day-to-dinner blouse, camisole, party dress, evening gown,
Uses worldwide : Suitable for blouses, pants, lingerie and piping.
Origins and history : Charmeuse silk, more than any other form of silk, is associated historically with royalty - it is sometimes called the "fabric of emperors".
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