Camisole (Courtesy of : A loose-fitting sleeveless women's undergarment that covers the upper body. A camisole usually has an open or low neckline and is cut off at the waist or somewhat below or above the waist. A camisole may or may not be buttoned at the front. It may be strapless, but most camisoles have thin, even spaghetti straps.
Subtypes : Variations of the camisole are used as casual shaping garments, to give some shape to the waist, belly or bust. A straightjacket, used to constrain violent prisoners, is also a specialized kind of camisole.
Parts : Front, back, straps (if present)
Preferred fabrics : Common fabrics for a camisole or cotton, silk or satin. Modern fabrics used include lycra, nylon and spandex.
Sewing problem areas : Camisoles often have lace trimming.
Cotton camisole (Courtesy of creations : Camisole top, Blue camisole, Red camisole,
Example patterns : Elasticized camisoles (free), bias-cut camisole (free), couture camisole (free), simple camisole (free), crochet camisole (free), kwik camisole, range of camisole patterns, sweet camie (free), sexy camisole (free),
Uses worldwide : Camisoles, in addition to serving to shape the figure, may also be used for thermal layering (adding warmth).
Origins and history : Historically, the term "camisole" applies to a short overcoat and not just to underwear, and today camisoles may be worn in the place of a blouse, similar to the role of a bustier. In a sleeved version, camisoles were widely worn in the 19th century as a form of upper body underwear, between the corset and the dress itself.
Related or similar garments : babydoll, basque, bra, bustier, corset, slip, tanktop
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