Boxer shorts

Boxers (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)Description : A loose undergarment worn largely by men. These are elasticized shorts made out of a supple fabric. In addition to offering more freedom of movement, boxers also offer a wider range of fabrics and prints than do men's briefs.
Subtypes : "Gripper boxers" : the waist band on gripper boxers can open up completely, although it is still elasticized and the fly is snapped closed ; and "Yoke boxers" : yoke boxers are equipped with a wide yoke at the waist which also opens up completely, but it is the yoke that snaps closed while the fly is left in an open design.
Parts : Shorts, elastic waist, front fly (open fly, snaps or buttons).
Preferred fabrics : Various fabrics including all cotton, cotton/polyester blends, jersey knits and silk.
Construction : Since boxer shorts fabric is rarely stretchy, a "balloon seat", a generous panel of loosely-fitting fabric in the center rear of the shorts, is designed to accommodate the wearer's various movements, especially bending forward. The most common sewing design of boxer shorts are made with a panel seat that has two seams running on the outer edges of the back seating area, creating a center rear panel. Most mass produced commercial boxer shorts are made using this design.
Sewing problem areas : This is a relatively easy project for beginners, with no serious problem areas.
Example creations : Boxers for men, women and children, Cotton boxers, Satin boxers, Classic boxers, Vintage-style boxers,
Example patterns : Classic boxers (free), Basic boxers (free),
Uses worldwide : Used worldwide.
Origins and history : The name derives from similar shorts worn by boxers and has been in use for underwear since the mid 1940s.
Alternate names : boxers.
Related or similar garments : briefs, boxer briefs, shorts.
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