Blazer (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)Description : A blazer is a special kind of jacket. While not formal, a blazer is considered smart. Blazers are traditionally part of school, airline or military uniforms, but are also worn in a variety of other contexts, such as tennis, yachting or rowing clubs. Blazers within uniforms often incorporate an embroidered patch insignia or badge, for example, on the right breast pocket. Blazers may also be part of a modern fashion wardrobe, whether for women or men. A blazer resembles a suit jacket but has more casual lines.
Subtypes :
Parts : Front, back, sleeves, cuffs, collars. Often blazers have patch pockets and metal buttons on the cuffs. They may have cloth badges or patches sewn onto them, and may or may not have piping around the edges or seams.
Preferred fabrics : Almost anything - linen, cotton, silk, corduroy, taffeta, velvet, leather, suede, etc.
Construction :
Sewing problem areas : The blazer is effective when smartly made - precision counts for this garment!
Example creations : Linen blazer, Red corduroy blazer, Stretch blazer, White taffeta blazer, Three pocket blazer, Velvet blazer, Steffi blazer, Jorinde blazer, Marissa blazer, Stella blazer,
Example patterns : Jorinde blazer (free), Stella blazer, Steffi blazer,
Uses worldwide : The blazer is a popular element in women's wardrobes and can also be worn by men.
Origins and history : The name derives from the bright ("blazing") colors of the original rowing blazers.
Alternate names :
Related or similar garments : Sports jacket, Boating jacket
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