Bermuda shorts

Description : These are dress shorts, that is, short pants that are tailored. Their legs are typically hemmed about one inch (3 cm) above the knee, either in a cuffed or uncuffed style. Bermuda shorts are dressier and more fitted than cargo shorts, and shorter than capri pants. Today, Bermuda shorts are worn more casually than they were historically, by both men and women. It is an attractive design for nearly every age and every body type. The cut of Bermuda shorts tends to minimize a larger figure as they accommodate for warm temperatures. The just- above-the-knee length allows for either a dressy look with a jacket or classy shoes, or a casual look with a tank top and sandals.
Subtypes : Bermuda shorts come in a range of lengths and styles. The usual Bermuda short has a 10 to 13 inch inseam (hence much longer than "regular" shorts). They are usually knee length and can be compared to almost a split skirt design.
Parts : One can find a variety of styles, fabrics, and details in Bermudas. Some come with front slant pockets and back pockets (and sometimes even side pockets on the leg portion of the shorts). Some provide a smooth fit across the hips and stomach area, but more formal Bermuda shorts usually have pleats. Bermuda shorts can have zippered closures, be belted, or have elastic waistbands. Overall the shorts are quite fitted at the waist and through the hip area, leaving the leg area loose, ideal for warm and humid climates.
Preferred fabrics : Bermuda shorts can be made from a wide variety of fabrics and colors to accommodate varied social contexts as well as weather. For informal wear, there are cotton and spandex blends which are machine washable and hold their shape during travel and other activities. Bermuda shorts made out of linen are ideal for humid and hot temperatures, but tend to wrinkle more than other fabrics. There are dress fabrics of silk and velvet and leather available in Bermuda shorts designs also.
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Example creations : Tan Bermuda shorts,
Example patterns : Vintage 1960s, Online Bermuda shorts pattern, Bermuda shorts with details, Drafting Boy's Bermudas, Drafting Bermuda Shorts (free),
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Origins and history : Bermuda shorts were developed by the British Army at the beginning of the 20th century for wear in tropical and desert climates. This may have been a response to the tendency of British soldiers to cut their trousers off above the knees to give some relief from the heat in tropical climates. Their name derives from the fact that in Bermuda, the garment was adopted for everyday business and leisurewear by the 1950s. Today, Bermuda shorts can be considered the national dress of Bermuda and are widely worn in the boardroom, by the police, by politicians and by Bermuda delegations overseas
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