Alençon Lace

Description : Alençon needlepoint lace was classically designed with carefully arranged flowers and swags on a fine net background, and outlined with a heavy raised edge. Alençon lace is known as the "Queen of lace".
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Sewing challenges : See the article on Lace for details about sewing challenges. Complex garment designs and princess seam dresses lend themselves to the use of fine laces such as Alençon Lace. For the finest quality Alençon Lace, lace appliqué seams are recommended.
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Origins and history : Alençon is a town in Normandy (France), famous for its needlepoint lacemaking from the 17th to the late 19th centuries. Colbert established a Royal Lace Workshop there during the reign of Louis XIV, devoted to producing needlework lace in the Venetian style. The workshop developed its own unique style over the subsequent decades. Alençon lace went into decline following the French Revolution, but was revived again in the 19th century. In 1976, the National Alençon Lace Workshop was created to ensure the technique's survival.
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