Description : Agilon is a nylon with some stretch. It is strong and durable and easy to care for. It is used extensively to make pantyhose.
Fabrication : Nylon stockings use a circular knit, which is the reason they may develop "runs". Other garments use a woven nylon fabric.
Subtypes :
Dyes, color treatment and washing characteristics :
Draping properties :
Cutting properties :
Sewing challenges :
Example creations :
Uses worldwide :
Origins and history : Agilon is a variation on the original nylon fiber (called "Nylon 6,6") developed in the 1950s to include some possibility of stretch. In the 1960's, Agilon was largely replaced by more sophisticated nylon variants. As a result, Agilon is more often associated with vintage nylon stockings than with modern pantyhose, although some sources may still use the term as a generic term for modern nylon.
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